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Gulf Competition RF1000 Brake Fluid

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Gulf Competition RF1000 Brake Fluid, 1/2 litre can.

Gulf Competition RF1000 is extremely high performance glycol-based brake fluids designed for use in cars and motorbikes under racing and rallying conditions and is also perfectly suitable for hard road use.
Not only does RF1000 far exceed the requirements of the (FMVSS) 116 DOT 4, it has an exceptionally high boiling point, 325 °C – amongst the highest available in the market for glycolbased brake fluids. This feature distinguishes RF1000 from standard high performance brake fluids, as they are suitable for use even when the brake discs get so hot they start to glow orange-red. Under such high temperatures standard brake fluids could exceed their boiling point (typically 230-260 °C) and start to vaporise, thus seriously impairing braking performance.

Benefits of Gulf Competition RF1000 racing brake fluid

  • Extremely high boiling point minimises the risk of vapour lock when the brakes get very hot, as often happens under race conditions. This improves the reliability and safety braking of performance under the most severe situations.
  • Excellent oxidative stability: resists oxidation at high temperatures encountered in disk braking systems
  • Superior high temperature stability combined with low temperature fluidity, so the fluid maintains viscosity and lubricity at extreme temperatures, thus ensuring trouble-free operation
  • Formulated to inhibit corrosion of the metallic components used in brake systems
  • Compatible with all seals and metals used in vehicle braking systems requiring poly glycol brake fluids


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