DomiWorks – 8HP Wiring and Installation Kit Value Pack

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DomiWorks Engineering AB / Level Motorsport Wiring 8HP Wiring Kit
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We are following up on our success with the DCT wiring kit with a wiring harness for the 8HP gearboxes using HTG GCU.
This has been developed together with Level Motorsport Wiring. They are known for their high quality and well built motorsport wiring harnesses.
The8HP Wiring harness isdeveloped for the ZF 8HP Gearboxes and primarily HTG-Tuning GCU. The harness is fully terminated for a full plug and play solution. We strongly recommend to use our own developed installation board together with this kitto have an as easy and troublefree installation as possible.
This wiring harness is hand built by Level and its made out of high end genuine motorsport graded goods and concentric twisted for apremium slim and lightweight experience. Made with genuine DMC crimpers and tools.
All mating connectors and terminals are included in the kit! No extra connecting parts required.
The wiring harness comes with pre-terminated connectors so connecting the required wires from the vehicle doesn´t becomes a hustle, there is also extra connectors to be able to expand in the future. The connectors contains:
– Power feed – Dual CAN communication wires – Pins for either paddle shifter or sequential style shifters, or any other digital inputs – General analog in- and outputs for the customer to connect whatever is required
A selection of components in our harnesses:
– Spec55 Wires – DR-25 heat shrink tube -Genuine Kostal 8HP Connector – Labeled for easy identifaction – Pre-installed boot to be used for bulkhead mounting
The base of the harness is generic and can be easily adopted to other aftermarket controllers if wanted. Please send us a message and we will explain more.
Installation Instruction and pinout sheet
Pinout diagram 8HP Wiring Harness(HTG GCU)

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