Advan GT Beyond 18″ Wheels GR Yaris

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Advan GT Beyond 8×18 ET43 forged alloy wheels for the GR Yaris.

Colours available:

MMB – Machine and racing metal black

SGB – Semi-gloss black

WW – Racing white

Weighs 8kg each.

ADVAN Racing GT 18inch with 5 types of concaves

  1. Unlike the 20 and 19 inches, the spoke concave should be changed according to the size after considering the clearance with the external big caliper installed in the tuning car and setting the basic profile to the tire table (Front-Mount type). It realizes a function and a powerful design.
  2. The rim profile is designed for big rotors with a special profile that has the same shape as the racing wheel. Depending on the size, it swallows a 400mm rotor, realizing an exceptional brake adaptation for an 18-inch.
  3. Based on this special rim profile, the design of the inner rim part has been reexamined to ensure sufficient strength even when overcoming curbs on the circuit. On top of that, the design pursues maximum lightness.
  4. Five types of concave types are available depending on the width and inset while ensuring a front rim depth of 34 mm for the tire surface assembly.
  5. Knurled “anti-tire-slip feature” that suppresses the displacement of the rim and tire in the circumferential direction is adopted for all sizes of 18 inches.

18-inch ADVAN Racing GT18inch five types of concave lineup.

  1. Unlike the 19 and 20-inch wheels, these wheels have the extra clearance needed to accommodate after-market calipers, a popular mod for tuner cars. The basic profile is a front-mount type, so that instead of changing the size, the concave spokes can give you for the look and function you want.
  2. The rim profile is the same as racing wheels, which means it’s designed with ample allowance for big rotors. Depending on the size, these wheels can accommodate rotors of up to 400mm, so this 18-inch wheel offers amazing stopping power.
  3. While maintaining the unique rim profile, YOKOHAMA reexamined the inner rim design, and achieved the stiffness and strength to withstand overrunning a curb on the race course. Starting from there, designers sought every advantage to reduce weight.
  4. The front rim, over which the tire is mounted, is 34mm deep, while its width and inset vary across the five concave types available.
  5. The anti-tire-slip feature makes sure the tires stay put no matter what, and it’s standard on all 18-inch wheels.

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