Garage Whifbitz BMW M4 M3 G80 G82 Stainless Steel Exhaust

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Garage Whifbitz stainless steel exhaust for the 2021 onwards BMW M4 & M3 G80 G82 Series.

Our exhaust removes the restrictive OPF’s which increases the power but does mean you will either need to purchase OPF delete harnesses, have it coded out or a remap, we offer all of these options here at Whifbitz.

The exhaust comes with 2 resonators followed by 2 sports cats, a large centre resonator and finished off with a large rear silencer to help keep any rasp and drone at bay. It uses the exhaust valves as per the OEM exhaust so when you’re driving in normal mode its quiet and when in sport/sport + mode with the exhaust valves open its loud.

Comes complete with 4x gloss black exhaust tips.

Power gains to be added very soon.

Also available in titanium if you want it super lightweight.


We offer this part exclusively for motorsport vehicles.
By purchasing, you confirm that you are not using this item for a vehicle that is used on public roads.

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Weight 45 kg

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