Garage Whifbitz GR Yaris Big Bore Decat GPF Delete Pipe

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Garage Whifbitz GR Yaris 3″ big bore decat and resonated gpf delete pipe, made from stainless steel.

There is a restriction between the catalytic converter and gpf pipe where it reduces down in size. This decat and gpf pipe is 3″ all the way through improving flow which in turn increases power especially on the bigger powered cars. This will need a remap otherwise you will get an engine check light because of the cat being removed, we can remap them here at Whifbitz, please contact us for prices.

We also sell individual GPF pipes and decat pipes for those who want to do them individually.


We offer this part exclusively for motorsport vehicles.
By purchasing, you confirm that you are not using this item for a vehicle that is used on public roads.

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Weight 15 kg

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