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Blitz FATT Advance + Turbo Timer

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Blitz FATT Advance + Turbo Timer

Can display boost pressure with the addition of 'Boost Sensor Set' (Part number 19240).

Blitz turbo timers are fully automatic, working out the correct length of time your engine should be left idling to give the turbo bearings time to cool down, based on the way the car has been driven (the engine speed is calculated by measuring the small fluctuations in supply voltage the engine produces as it runs). This takes the guesswork out of running your car after a drive and will help to keep the engine and turbo in top condition.

The FATT Advance comes in two parts, a control unit, and a front panel, which means the display is very small and easy to mount.

The FATT Advance + features include:

Power On
Power Off
Force Quit During Countdown
Idle Time Setting
Automatic Countdown
Engine Type Setting (Petrol Or Diesel)
Back Light Setting
Buzzer Volume Setting
Volt Warning Setting
Manual Control Mode

Additional features with Boost Sensor Set (19240) added:
Peak Boost Setting
Reset Peak Boost
Boost warning Setting

Additional Information

Manufacturer Name Blitz
Supported Cars Blitz FATT Advance + Turbo Timer