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HKS Fine Tune V-Belt

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HKS Fine Tune V-Belt (Fanbelt)

Using the latest in-belt technology gives the following benefits:

  • Increased durability at high temperatures which can be found in the engine bay of tuned vehicles.
  • Increased performance in cold weather and condition.
  • Lightweight and good friction tolerance properties which means that excess tension is not required while anti-sound properties reduces belt squeal.

* Back face is blue colored with HKS logo.

  • Blue is used in HKS intake hose which is for coordination in the whole engine bay.
  • Colored nylon fabric used for good anti-color fading properties.
  • HKS logo, product name, and belt length are printed on each belt

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber was selected because of:

  • Better durability and performance in hotter or colder conditions with improved friction tolerance.
  • Much lighter than previous version of belt.
  • Short fiber mixture in rib rubber improves the performance over previous version.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Name HKS
Supported Cars HKS Fine Tune V-Belt