Nissan GTR Servicing

If you are an owner of a Nissan R35 GTR then you will be fully aware of the high maintenance costs for your car. The GTR needs servicing and inspection on a regular basis to insure the reliability of your car. We can save you on money on your R35 GTR servicing costs over what Nissan main dealers charge.

gulf-aston-racingWe can take care of all your Nissan R35 GTR servicing needs here at Garage Whifbitz. We only use top quality products from top brands like Gulf Racing, Motul & K&N:


  • Gulf Competition Engine Oil, as used by Aston Martin Le Mans team
  • Nissan or K&N oil filters
  • Nissan or K&N air filters
  • Motul DCTF high performance gearbox oil, Motul produce some of the best oils in the world and this product is much cheaper than the Mobil oil that Nissan dealerships use saving you money.
  • Gulf Competition diff oils, again this is a top quality oil used by Aston Martin Le Mans team
  • Gulf Racing or Gulf Competition brake fluid. We can either use Gulf Racing 5.1 for normal road use¬†or the Golf Competition fluid if you are intending on taking your R35 GTR on the track.

DCT-GTR-transWe also complete transmission clutch relearns on every service to make sure your clutch and gearbox is working correctly giving you the smoothest possible gear change. If you haven’t done it already then a 2012 gearbox software update is highly recommended.

Please contact us for any prices or enquiries you may have.