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Here at Garage Whifbitz we’ve been tuning, modifying, racing, servicing and developing the Mk4 Toyota Supra JZA80 since the year 2000 and we were really excited when a new Supra was announced, its been a long wait!

October 2019 and our brand new 2020 GR Toyota Supra A90 arrived to start the development of our own range of parts and test them to destruction as we are constantly doing with the Supra JZA80. You can see details of our shop car by clicking here.

The 2020 GR Toyota Supra A90 comes with 335bhp from the factory, we checked it on our Dynojet 4WD rolling road and it was making 370bhp at the flywheel approx which seems to be what everyone else is finding too.

The B58 engine fitted to the 2020+ Toyota Supra is very tuneable, 600bhp is possible just a few bolt on parts, plus the engine is very reliable and takes the extra power in its stride.

We also offer suspension, brakes, carbon body kit parts and loads of other upgrades too, please get in contact or see our online shop for the available parts.

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