2001 Toyota Supra VVTi twin turbo 6 speed

We had this fantastic condition 2001 Toyota Supra VVTi twin turbo in with us last week. The Supra was booked into the @Whifbitz workshop for a Syvecs S7i installation and mapping.

Whilst the Supra was having the Syvecs ecu fitted we did our usual inspection and found a few things that needed attention.

Both diff mounts were cracked so in went new genuine mounts, the front crank seal and camshaft seals were leaking and whilst we were there we fitted a new genuine Toyota cambelt, idler and tensioner. The gearbox was leaking oil from the shifter seal and gearbox mount had gone very soft due to it being covered in oil, these were both replaced with genuine Toyota parts.

First go on the dyno and we soon found the clutch was slipping so off it came to have a new genuine Toyota clutch fitted. Back on the dyno again and it made a respectable 443bhp at 1.2 bar boost with that being the maximum safe boost with the stock jap spec turbos and fuel system.

This car had the following mods:

  • Whifbitz 4″ stainless steel exhaust
  • Decat pipes
  • Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump
  • NGK iridium spark plugs
  • Syvecs S7i ecu

We also fitted a Syvecs bluetooth module which allows you to control boost settings, traction control settings, view gauges and more all from your phone or tablet.

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