2023 Toyota GR Supra A90 Manual

This brand new 2023 Toyota GR Supra A90 manual was brought to us a few months ago, it arrived totally standard factory spec and left us with what you see below.

The June 2020 on cars have a locked ecu and there is currently only one place in the world that can unlock them and that’s Femto. So the ecu has to be removed and sent off to them which only takes about 5 days from sending it off and until we receive it back. Now the ecu is unlocked we can install Bootmod3 which allows us to remap the car, this particular car had a Bootmod3 stage 2 OTS (off the shelf) map installed.

We then installed the following power related mods:

  • Garage Whifbitz Type 1 stainless steel exhaust system
  • Garage Whifbitz catless downpipe
  • MST intake kit with turbo inlet pipe

We these mods alone it now makes 418whp which is about 486bhp with a lovely noise too, this was with 95ron fuel which reduces power compared to 99ron, the car will be coming back soon for a power run with 99ron fuel which will mean more power.

We also fitted a raft of styling and handling mods:

  • BC Forged LE52 in crystal burgundy centre with a gloss back rim 9.5×19 & 11×19 with Michelin PS4S 275 & 305 tyres
  • KW V1 coilovers
  • Garage Whifbitz VA Style carbon bonnet
  • Garage Whifbitz carbon mirror caps
  • Garage Whifbitz carbon seat inserts
  • Seibon MB carbon side skirts
  • Seibon MB carbon rear spoiler painted body colour
  • Seibon MB carbon front spoiler
  • Seibon MB carbon rear diffuser
  • Rexpeed V2 front fenders – half carbon
  • Rexpeed black/red leather steering wheel

As you can see its transformed the way the car looks! It will be coming back soon for some more styling mods to really finish it off.

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