2JZ-GTE VVTi engine build

Another 2JZ engine built and ready to install in the customers car.
This particular build was using a brand new Toyota 2JZ-GTE bottom end and a used rebuilt 2JZ-GTE VVTi cylinder head with @runbc valve springs. We’ve also added a host of @whifbitz products:

✅ Whifbitz 264 camshafts
✅ Whifbitz billet cam covers
✅ Whifbitz billet twin wastegate tubular manifold with a Precision 6266 next gen turbo (can’t wait to try it out!)
✅ Whifbitz billet inlet manifold with drive by wire throttle
✅ Whifbitz carbon fibre engine covers

This is going in a Toyota Supra Mk4 which we are also fitting a ZF 8 speed gearbox too, should be a flyer. More updates to come soon.

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