337BHP GR Yaris remap & dyno power runs

We had this pocket rocket in our workshop a couple of weeks ago for an ecu remap. This is the first GR Yaris we’ve done tuned using Ecutek and as you can see from the power gains below it works great.

The GR Yaris already had the following mods fitted:

  • Whifbitz stainless steel exhaust
  • Whifbitz GPF delete pipe
  • Wagner Tuning intercooler and charge pipe kit
  • Eventuri carbon intake kit

We did before and after dyno power runs and it was making 247whp which is an estimated 299bhp when it arrived and after tuning its now making 280whp which is an estimated 337bhp, a gain of around 38bhp.

As you can see from the video its fitted with OZ Rally Racing wheels in white which really give it that old school rally car look. Its also fitted with a Maxton front splitter, side skirts, rear skirts and rear spoiler lip.

If you’d like your GR Yaris tuned or maintained please get in touch.

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