More mods planned

Now our Time Attack season is over, we had a blinding year finishing 2nd overall in class behind Steve, what might have been without the turbo failure testing at Knockhill, Steve watchout for next year mate.

Anyway, got some more plans as usual on the car:

1. Lose some more weight. Main one will be removing the heater system. Plus I’ll be going for a custom made titanium exhaust to. My current exhaust weighs about 25kg! Should be able to knock a good 15kg off with Ti I reckon, target db will be 98 so I dont have to worry about it.

2. Roll cage tied into the pillars, should be done like this from the beginning, Andy Robinson Race Cars forgot to do it though.

3. Get the traction control setup properly, still not happy with it, far to intrusive, I’m sure it just needs more fettling to suit my car.

4. Rose jointed suspension arms, will be getting some Ikeya Formula parts sent over, wish this bloody exchange rate would sort itself out!

5. Ridox front splitter/canards. The car now has to much rear downforce so needs a proper splitter on the front to compensate, I’ll also try out some canards as well to see what there like to.

6. Titan Motorsport 280 9.7mm lift cams, going to test these out back to back with the HKS 280’s I have now, suppose to be worth 30bhp apparently, soon find out.

Think thats about it for the moment. There’s always other little bits and pieces, got to keep a lid on the spending a bit though! Would love a sequential gearbox!

Oh and the car will be on display on the Motul fluids stand at the Autosport show in January. If you haven’t been before its one of the best shows in Europe, all the best teams/cars/manufacturers/suppliers in the world of motorsport are there, its a good day out.

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