576bhp 2023 Toyota GR Supra manual

This latest spec 2023 Toyota GR Supra A90 manual was brought to us a few months ago for some power upgrades including a Femto ecu unlock, Bootmod3 which allows us to remap the car, Akrapovic GR Toyota Supra Evolution Link pipe set, Garage Whifbitz downpipe and MST intake kit with turbo inlet pipe. With these mods fitted it made 426whp which is an estimated 495bhp, but as you probably know there’s never enough power so it’s come back for more.

The next step is to install a hybrid turbo and we fitted one of our soon to be released Whifbitz hybrid turbochargers, this uses a larger compressor and turbine wheel to gain more power, it also has a larger turbo elbow for increased flow. We also fitted a Wagner Tuning chargecooler which allows the engine to produce more power more of the time due to it being a lot more efficient than the factory chargecooler. In previous testing on a hybrid turbo’d Supra we saw a 50bhp gain in power over 4 power runs, these are a must have! For reliability we fitted a Forge Motorsport chargepipe kit and to complete the engine bay a Whifbitz carbon fibre engine cover cut to fit the Wagner Tuning chargecooler.

All of these mods have now pushed the the power to a stonking 495whp which is an estimated 574bhp, not bad for a few bolt on mods and as you can see from the pictures the Supra looks standard from the outside so its a real street sleeper.

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As you can see from the above dyno graph showing a comparison with the factory turbo the hybrid has a lot more top end power with it pulling to the redline.
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