550bhp Toyota GR Yaris Youtube video!

A new video has just been added to our Youtube channel of Andrew’s Toyota GR Yaris which is as far as we know the most powerful GR Yaris in the UK at present, making 451whp which is an estimated 550bhp at the flywheel.

Andrew brought his car to us with one goal in mind, to have the fastest maddest GR Toyota Yaris in the UK and we think you’ll agree this has been achieved!

The GR Yaris is coming back to us very soon for E85 mapping where we expect the power to be over 500whp, more updates on that coming soon!

More details on this amazing GR Yaris on our website here https://www.garagewhifbitz.co.uk/andrew-fletchers-550bhp-gr-yaris/

If you need your GR Yaris tuned or maintained please get in touch, we have various tuning options from just a remap to what you see here depending on your requirements.

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