690BHP BMW E91 2JZ powered street sleeper

How cool is this BMW E91! Its fitted with a forged 2JZ-GTE non VVTi engine, Link ecu, Owen Developments single turbo, etc and apart from the subtle front spoiler, rear spoiler and down turned exhaust tip you wouldn’t know, it looks like a 318D!

It was brought to us for a remap of the Link ecu already fitted as the owner reported some running issues. Upon arrival we did an inspection which includes a compression and leak down check which showed leaky exhaust valves.

So off came the cylinder head for a refresh with new valve stem seals, recut valves/seats and a set of our Whifbitz 269 camshafts went in.

We also fitted a set of our Whifbitz billet cam covers in stealthy black and a Radium VTA catch can hidden nicely down low next to the engine.

On to the dyno for tuning and it made a very healthy 598whp at 1.7 bar boost which is an estimated 690bhp, this car is going to upset some people!

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