624BHP BMW M3 F80

We had this lovely 2018 BMW M3 F80 back in with us last week for some more mods. We fitted a set of Whifbitz sports cats so it now passes MOT emmisions, BMW EU5 injectors for more fuel capacity so it will be able to run E50 fuel and a Bend Calibrations flex fuel kit which integrates with Ecutek and allows us to add ethanol in the fuel tank which will increase engine power dramatically.

The M3 already had the following modifications fitted:

  • Whifbitz titanium exhaust system
  • Ecutek custom tune with 2 switchable maps – low and high boost
  • Midland turbo hybrids
  • FTP Motorsport chargepipes
  • FTP Motorsport turbo inlet pipes
  • NGK 97506 spark plugs
  • Insane Performance crank hub
  • Mishimoto catch tank kit
  • Eibach lowering springs
  • Z Performance 20″ wheels

This particular car made 538whp which is an estimated 624bhp at the flywheel, as with all our custom maps we tune the engine with a progressive power delivery to help driveability and traction.

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