DomiWorks – 7MGTE to 8HP 45/50/70/75 Adapter Kit

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7MGTEto 8HP 45/50/70/75 Adapter Kit
Adapter kit to fit a BMW8HP 45/50/70/75 gearbox to a Toyota 7MGTE engine.
Fits8HP 45/50/70/75 transmission from N47/B48/N57/B57/B58 engine.
Adapter plate and converter adapter made out of high grade aluminum and natural and black anodized for a premium feel and experience.
Adapter plate thickness is 34mm.
Adapter kit includes:
– 8HP 45/50/70/75 Adapter plate
-Converter adapter and center guiding pin
– Mounting hardware such as bolts and dowels
Installation Instructions
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