860bhp on the dyno

Just got back from TDi’s dyno, had quite a productive day with my car trying different cam timing settings which helped massively. At 1.8 bar it made 747.3 bhp at the hubs so about 860bhp at the flywheel approx. Thats on straight Shell V-Power, no race fuel or octane booster.

Could have made more to as the boost was dropping off at the top end when we tried 2 bar boost, pretty sure this is down to the wastegate springs being to weak as they are only 0.5 bar springs which I like to keep in there in case it rains and need to run less power.
It had more midrange at 2 bar though so I’ll still run 2 bar Snetterton on Sunday, very much looking forward to it, just hope it stays dry. Big thanks to Ryan G as usual, your a star mate.

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