Garage Whifbitz 2JZ-GTE new camshaft range

We’ve recently updated our Toyota 2JZ-GTE pre-VVTi camshaft range and are now offering 3 stages of camshafts which should suit everyones power requirements.

The range consists of:

Stage 1 – Garage Whifbitz 264 camshafts with 9.3mm lift on the inlet cam and 9mm lift on the exhaust camshaft for the 2JZ-GTE. Designed to be drop in cams for use with a stock cylinder head, no valve spring upgrade required. These cams will give you a nice gain in BHP over stock, power band 3000 to 7500rpm. Perfect for stock turbo and small single turbo cars up to 700bhp approx.

Stage 2 – Garage Whifbitz 269 9.9mm camshafts for the 2JZ-GTE pre-VVTi. Perfect for turbos from 66mm to 72mm for engines producing 600-900bhp approx. These will give more midrange and top end power over our 264 9.3mm lift cams but with a slighty rougher idle. Power band is 3500-8000rpm. Designed to be used with uprated valve springs fitted.

Stage 3 – Garage Whifbitz 274 10.2mm lift camshaft for the 2JZ-GTE pre-VVTi. Our stage 3 cams are designed for cars running 70mm turbos and upwards, giving more midrange and top end power over our stage 2 cams. Power band is between 4000-8500rpm, for cars running 700bhp upwards. Must be used with uprated valve springs, designed for maximum power/torque these are best suited to cars with a built engine to maximise the power band.

All available to order on our website here

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