2000bhp Dynojet coming to Whifbitz South Wales!!

So, after years of talking about it, we’ve finally done it, we’ve purchased our very own dyno/rolling road!!
We’ve gone all out and purchased one of the best dynos on the market, the Dynojet 424xLC2 2000BHP 4WD dyno with the optional link system so we can run pretty much any car on the dyno without going into limp mode. Unlike other dyno’s on the market and especially in the UK the Dynojet is able to run big power cars without wheel spin issues, so 1000bhp is no problem at all.
Our Dynojet will be installed at our South Wales headquarters in Caldicot, NP26 5PT and we will be building a proper sound insulated dyno cell, this will make it the finest dyno facility in South Wales.
We’ve been mapping cars for nearly 18 years now so have our own mapping service in house mapping Syvecs, Link, AEM, Haltech, Bootmod3, etc along with offering plug in remaps too.
We will post updates on our website and Facebook page so keep an eye out for this exciting development.
Details as follows:
The 424xLC2 features 2 x 24″ knurled, precision balanced drums, 2x Eddy Current Load Absorption Units, measures up to 2000 HP, 2000 FT LBS, 200 MPH, and is capable of 1600HP peak absorption (in AWD) making it the most powerful load control dynamometer on the market.
Unlike inferior non adjustable wheelbase designs, the model 424xLC2 can adjust wheelbase with a push of a button from 88” to 140”. This allows the tires to contact the rollers evenly and in conjunction with the large drum diameter the 424xLC2 provides a virtually flat, stable surface for tire contact eliminating unnecessary tire slippage and deformation. The result is precise, repeatable data every time.
The 424xLC2 can operate in “inertia only” mode for assessing gains from minor bolt-on modifications, or utilize the duel eddy currant load absorption units for advanced load testing. Load tests include step, sweep and custom road-load profiles in all gears and at any throttle position. This system also eliminates any potential speed bias between the two drums when using the Dynojet speed balance feature.
Horsepower and torque are measured at each drum and can be displayed and/or logged independently or combined. This feature allows you to assess the vehicle’s power-split and can also aid in troubleshooting drive-train issues.
With the addition of the optional Linx System, the 424xLC2 allows you to test modern AWD vehicles without the fear of potentially damaging the center differentials, or activating intrusive stability control systems. It is also useful for those 2wd performance vehicles that require all four wheels to be rotating in order to avoid “reduced power mode’’.
Model 424xLC2 Standard Features and Equipment
Measures up to 2,000hp/2,000ft-lbs torque and 200mph
Tests vehicles in either two-wheel or all-wheel drive modes, bi-directional rotation
Two Eddy Current Load Absorption Units for performing loaded tests, including step, sweep, and closed loop
Above-Ground or Pit installation accessories included
Consists of two Model 224xlc chassis dynamometers
NEW PowerCore software suite with WinPEP 8 to interface (PC, printer, etc. not included)
NEW DynoWare RT dynamometer electronics and hardware
2 Channels of Automatic Conditions Measurement (absolute pressure, air temp, humidity)
4 Analog Input Channels for 0-5v sensors (sensors and cables not included)
14 expansion ports for DynoWare RT accessories and DJ-CAN devices
Air Actuated Brake System
10 button sample pendant for software and dyno control
Ignition wire inductive tachometer pickup leads
Electronically controlled wheelbase adjustment from (standard 88” – 130” or optional 98” to 140”)
Auto Tie Down Package (straps, ratchets and ground hooks)
Wheel Chocks
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