New Product! Whifbitz R35 GTR 2JZ-GE Coil Pack Conversion

Garage Whifbitz R35 GTR coil pack conversion for the 2JZ-GE pre-vvti engine, as fitted to the Toyota Supra non turbo & Lexus GS300.

We’ve fully tested the Whifbitz R35 GTR coil pack conversion with our Whifbitz Supra NA-T turbo kit on our Dynojet rolling road where they gave an extra 32bhp approx over the stock HT leads, we changed nothing else apart from fitting our coil packs. Dyno graphs are included on this page showing the difference they made. The stock HT leads run out of puff about 1.1 bar boost approx, these coils allow you to push your engine to whatever boost your engine can handle. The Supra they were tested on ended up producing 522bhp at 1.2 bar boost which is a record for our turbo kit on a stock non turbo engine with standard compression ratio, which would never happen on the stock HT lead ignition system, the bottom dyno graphs shows the power figures achieved at the wheels.

Our kit comes with:

  • Garage Whifbitz custom made R35 GTR coil packs made to the correct length to fit under the stock 2JZ-GE engine covers for an OEM look. Our coils are the latest technology smart coils meaning not these require no additional ignitor, just wire them up directly to your aftermarket ecu.
  • Modified genuine Toyota centre cover/bracket for the coil packs to bolt to, coils are available on there own if needed for a different application.
  • Coil pack wiring connectors/pins.
  • Wiring loom available at an extra cost, goes from the coil packs to the ecu.
  • Venom Automotive distributor cover as the distributor cap is no longer needed, available at an extra cost. This not only looks good but also allows more room if you are using a turbo kit where the distributor gets in the way of the intake.

Available to purchase on our website here.

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