Whifbitz Supra F80 7 Speed DCT Gearbox Conversion

Hot news!!! A world first right here at Garage Whifbitz!! The latest BMW F80 7 Speed Getrag gearbox from the BMW M4/M3 is now working in a Supra. First test video on our Dynojet rolling road below!
Using the latest F80 DCT gearbox this takes our gearbox conversion to a new level compared to the DCT V8 gearbox we were using.
The new F80 gearbox has the following benefits over the V8 DCT gearbox:
– More compact so doesn’t require as much modification to the transmission tunnel
– Higher torque capacity – should take about 750lb/ft torque on stock clutches, so no need for expensive upgraded clutches, we will confirm the limits in testing soon
– Much better gearbox ratios, very similar to the V160 gearbox
We are now using the fantastic HTG tuning GCU to give full control of the gearbox. The gearshift & downshift speed is massively increased over our previous conversion making your car super fast through the gears.
It also gives us the ability to fully map the gearbox, changing shift points, change clutch pressures, clutch relearning, etc. etc.
We are using the fantastic Syvecs Ltd S7Plus ecu on our development Supra which is one of the best ecu’s on the market. Our new conversion will now work Link and Ecumaster ecu’s if you can stretch to the Syvecs ecu.
The conversion will be available for any RWD car too, not just the Supra, as long as we have an ecu that can run the engine this can be made to work.
More updates to come soon!
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