Another GR Toyota Supra A90 in with us for some tuning work.

This time for one of our stage 2 tunes using the Ecutek tuning platform with the following features:
✅ Increase in power from 341whp & 377lb/ft torque at the rear wheels to 448whp & 519lb/ft torque at the rear wheels, thats about 510bhp at the flywheel approx.
✅ Whifbitz chargepipes
✅ Whifbitz catless downpipe
✅ Ecutek rolling anti lag
✅ Ecutek switchable maps, low and high power maps
✅ Pops and bang map if you want to make some noise!
Cheap power upgrade ✅ More to come from this car soon as it will be back with us soon for one of our titanium exhausts, Pure800 turbo and map to, 600bhp here we come ✅
✅ Please get in touch for all your Supra A90 tuning needs


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