Back from the dyno

Just back from the dyno. Started off well, making 600bhp at 1 bar boost, should have seen Ryan & Charlies faces! At 1.5 bar made about 700bhp, with plenty more to come from some more ignition timing. Went for 1.7 bar and the tyres strated to spin up, game over. So at the moment, 1.5 bar 700bhp and 550 lb/ft torque, we should to be able to get close to 800bhp on pump fuel with a bit more time hopefully. Doing some road mapping on Friday and then back to the dyno for some power runs to see what it can do. Looking good so far.

Big thanks to Ryan, Charlie and Solaris, liking the new ecu so far. Real test is on the track getting the traction control setup nicely, cant wait for that!

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