Bad luck continues

I had a nightmare at Cadwell Park. Had a good practise on the Saturday afternoon, all was looking good, great balance on the car and even my brakes weren’t giving me any problems.
Time Attack on the Sunday, 2nd practise session, doing about 8000rpm in 4th gear and boom, clouds of smoke out the back and no oil pressure, switched it off and pulled off the track to a marshall post. Got out and looked behind to see a trail of oil, looked under the bonnet and found oil all over the undertray and a chunk of alluminium.
Got transported back to the paddock area to find bits of my oil pump on the undertray. So from the look of it my oil pump has failed and chucked its guts straight out the side of the alluminium sump.
I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, trying to build up the enthusiasm.


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