Bit of an Update


Well a bit of an update on the car, managed to get it all finished off Thursday afternoon, just in time for Time Attack. The car itself worked a treat for the full 2 days with no issues.  The AP Racing brakes are the best I’ve ever experienced, enormous stopping power time and time again.

The handling is a huge improvement on last year, I now have the confidence to push it in the faster corners with a really nice neutral balance to it. I still want to rose joint the suspension arms at some point though, (its never finished!) Definately noticed a difference in grip levels now I have the APR rear spoiler fitted. I didn’t really get to play around with Nitron dampers as I was to busy learning the track.

The Racepak IQ3 dash is a marvel, for anyone doing plenty of track days it is a must, so easy to read everything along with lap timing, its perfect in every way. The fuel swirl pot worked a treat to, meant I would run very low on fuel with no fuel starvation problems.

You can see a report from the Time Attack weekend here, I think we did quite well!  Check it out here

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