BK’s Toyota GR Supra 587BHP A90

Another big power Supra A90 making a nice 518whp & 519 lb/ft torque which is about 614bhp. We also installed the newly released XHP gearbox remap which is really impressive using the off the shelf stage 3 map the gearchanges are noticeable faster and crisper now!

This particular car has the following mods:

Whifbitz 3.5″ titanium exhaust

  • Whifbitz Supra A90 catless downpipe
  • Whifbitz Supra A90 3.5″ titanium lightweight exhaust
  • Whifbitz titanium chargepipe
  • CSF charge cooler radiator
  • Pure800 turbo
  • Whifbitz custom Ecutek dyno tune running 2 switchable maps
  • Stock Toyota airbox
  • Whifbitz carbon rear spoiler
  • Apex SM10 9.5×19 & 11×19 wheels with 265/35 & 305/30×19 Michelin P4S tyres
  • Eibach 20mm lowering springs

More mods to come soon no doubt!

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