Blitz LM Power Induction Kit EVO 10

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Blitz LM Power Induction Kit

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Blitz LM Power Induction Kit. This is the lowest priced of the three types of Blitz Induction kit available but dont be put off by the cheap price, the filter element is made from a durable, light weight cotton gauze.
Filtration is very good and with it being a dry filter there is no need to re-oil the element when you reach a service interval, you simply through it away and replace it with another (oil from oiled filters can gradually disperse into the air inlet and coat the air flow meter reducing the performance of the vehicle and damaging the air flow meter).

The replacement elements are available in three different colours, blue (which is supplied with all new kits), Yellow, and Black.
With the elements costing under œ23 to purchase it makes this kit a very affordable entry to Japanese tuning.

Evo 10 CZ4A, 4B11

This kit includes everything needed to install onto your vehicle.

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