BMW M4 AET Turbo hybrids 663BHP

Another BMW M4 in with us for some modifications:

  • AET Turbos hybrids, great turbos at a great price at only £1920 inc vat
  • Insane Performance 4 pin crank hub
  • New BMW conrod bearings
  • Bootmod3 OTS Hybrid turbo map

The car also has catless downpipes, midpipes and iridium spark plugs and it’s now making a nice 573whp which is about 663bhp at the flywheel. This is using the Bootmod3 hybrid off the shelf map so more power to come with a custom map if required, the AET Turbos will make 700BHP on pump fuel and more with ethanol or water/meth. Please get in touch if you want your BMW M car tuned.

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