BMW S58 Fuel Injectors 2020+ Toyota Supra A90 Upgrade

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These are the OEM injectors for the S58 engine and the highest flowing injectors of this family from Bosch. In terms of mechanical fitment, they will drop into any B58 Gen2 engine while retaining the correct spray pattern and adding 30% MORE fuelling! These injectors combined with a Dorch Engineering HPFP kit are good for just over 700whp on E50 fuel with zero additional fuel system upgrades.

NOTE: You WILL need a tune to properly run these injectors.

Kit Fitment:

A90/91 – Toyota Supra
G29 – Z4 M40i

G42/43 – M240i, M240xi
G20/21 – M340i, M340xi
G22/23/26 – M440i, M440xi

G30/31 – 540i, 540xi *
G32 – 640i, 640xi *
G11/12 – 740i, 740xi *
G15/16 – 840i, 840xi
G05 – X5 40i
G06 – X6 40i
G07 – X7 40i

G01 – X3 M40i *
G02 – X4 M40i *

* ONLY GEN2 B58 Equipped Model Years

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