Darren’s GR Toyota Supra A90 mods

Like a lot of cars these days the Toyota Supra is too quiet from the factory and we have many solutions to fix that. For those who want to keep the warranty in tact and just want some extra noise we have our axle back exhaust. The exhaust basically removes the rear silencer from the OEM exhaust leaving the catalytic converter, OPF and turbo to silence it. Available to purchase on our website here Garage Whifbitz Toyota Supra A90 2020+ Axle Back Stainless Steel Exhaust – Garage Whifbitz

Whilst the car was here we also fitted an MST intake kit to give it some induction noise and some Eibach lowering springs which drop the car 20mm along with a wheel alignment.

I think you’ll agree the Toyota Supra looks fantastic in this shade of blue.

If you’d like your Toyota Supra tuned, maintained or serviced please get in touch, we’ve been specialising in Toyota’s for 23 years.

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