Dash reconstruction complete …

A quick update, dash is now finally done…

[singlepic id=16 w=320 h=240 float=none]

Its a hell of a lot cleaner than before, with everything now within easy reach.
Basically made it from two pieces of carbon sheet.
The right hand side has the curve in it to help getting in and out over the rollcage as we were kicking the dash last year!

Still got to wire in and mount switch for the heated front windscreen and a cigarette lighter socket (that will be out of sight).

The dial/green button and red light are…. Racelogic trac control.
(idea stolen from Paul on mounting them directly into the dash )

Fire system is almost back in, as its been moved to behind the passenger seat. I’m also considering a hand held extinguisher as well but not sure where thats going to go yet!

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