Engine bay pictures of Paul’s single turbo conversion we’ve just completed.

This Supra went from pretty much stock power to 680BHP using a host of parts from our own parts catalogue:
✅ Whifbitz Supra turbo kit featuring our twin wastegate billet collector tubular manifold, Borg Warner 62mm SXE turbo and 3” downpipe/midpipe.
✅ Whifbitz R35 coil pack conversion.
✅ Whifbitz 4” twin box stainless steel exhaust with blue tip, for those who want an unrestrictive but quiet exhaust, measuring 95DB at 4000rpm static.
✅ Whifbitz 5” Intercooler kit, capable of supporting 1200bhp +
✅ Whifbitz top feed fuel rail kit fitted with FIC 1000cc injectors.
✅ Whifbitz 264 stage 1 camshafts.
✅ Whifbitz drive by wire throttle conversion for the OEM inlet manifold.
✅ Whifbitz stage 1 catch tank.
All being controlled by the best ecu on the market, the Syvecs S7Plus coming complete with traction control, knock control that actually works, lean lambda trip, anti lag, launch control, etc.
We’ve been doing these conversions for over 20 years so if you want to have your Supra modified or maintained by the one of the most experienced Supra specialist in the UK please get in touch.




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