Garage Whifbitz 2JZ-GTE CNC Stage 3 Race Cylinder Heads

Whifbitz Stage 3 full race CNC machined cylinder head. Using our many years of experience in building big power 2JZ engines, this is ultimate cylinder head available anywhere.

Machined on a CNC machine, this insures that every port is exactly the same as each and every other port on the cylinder head. CNC machining also gives a superb finish to the ports giving the best possible flow performance. CNC machined valve seats, this gives perfect valve seats every time, 100% accurate and is a repeatable process insuring each seat is exactly the same as all of the others.

Spec as follows:

  • Supertech stock or 1mm oversize valves
  • Supertech double valve springs
  • Supertech titanium retainers
  • Supertech bronze valve guides
  • Fully ported and flowed
  • Skimmed and shimmed ready to install

As used on Paul Whiffin’s 1336bhp big power Supra. Typical gains of around 50bhp when combined with our 280 cams high lift cams.

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