Garage Whifbitz 2JZ-GTE Top Feed Fuel Rail Fitting Kit

Garage Whifbitz fitting kit for the Garage Whifbitz 2JZ Top Feed fuel rail kit.

This kit comes with everything you need to connect the Garage Whifbitz 2JZ-GTE top feed fuel rail to an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. It also comes with a fuel pulsation dampener removal pipe to connect the Toyota fuel filter direct to the back of the top feed fuel rail. This setup is capable of running 850bhp. Comes complete with:

  • 1.5 meters of Goodridge -6 braided hose
  • 2x Goodridge 90 degree -6 fittings
  • 1x Goodridge straight -6 fitting
  • 2x Goodridge male – male -6 fittings
  • 1x Goodridge -6 male bung for fuel pressure regulator
  • 1x Goodridge -6 adaptor for fuel rail
  • 1x Goodridge bung for fuel rail

Pipework & fittings need to be cut to length and assembled. More details on our website here

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