Garage Whifbitz 2JZ turbo kit & Bullseye Power Batmowheel billet turbos

The Garage Whifbitz 2JZ-GTE twin wastegate turbo kit is now available with the Bullseye Power Batmowheel billet range of turbos. Based on the well known and respected Borg Warner turbo, these are then modified by Bullseye Power installing there own Batmowheel billet compressor wheel and Bullseye Powers Batmowheel compressor cover. These turbos give faster spool and more power than the non-billet versions which is exactly what you want.

We have an S383 currently fitted to our own Supra demonstrator which recently laid down 1336bhp at the fly and the car is still driveable on the street. With the arrival of the billet turbo technology this has moved the game on in terms of power and what remains useable. The combination of the billet turbos and our own twin wastegate/scroll turbos hep produce a great combination of fast spooling setups whilst providing huge power.

You can see more details and pricing on the kits here

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