Garage Whifbitz B58 Toyota Supra A90, BMW Z4 G29 Hybrid Turbo

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Garage Whifbitz hybrid turbo for the B58 engined 2020+ Toyota GR Supra A90, BMW Z4 G29 and BMW 340i/440i.

Manufactured here in the UK by a well known turbo company for us these have been tested and refined by ourselves to the spec offered here. The turbo is capable of around 580bhp on pump fuel and about 680bhp with water/meth or ethanol/flex fuel.

As you can see from the dyno graph below the hybrid turbo makes 495whp which is an estimated 574bhp, this was on a Supra fitted with a full exhaust, MST intake kit and custom map. The 2nd dyno graph is on the same car comparing a stock turbo against the hybrid turbo, as you can see from the dyno graph the hybrid comes in to its own around 4500rpm where the power keeps going up versus the stock turbo where the power drops off.

The hybrid turbo features a larger billet compressor wheel, larger turbine wheel, 360degree thrust bearings and larger thrust washers. It also comes with a larger turbo inlet elbow for increased flow.

All of these mods can be fitted here at Whifbitz, get in touch with any questions you have.

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