Garage Whifbitz Supra makes 1336bhp! 1068bhp per ton!!

Well, I’m quite happy about todays result, took a little while to sink in but it has now!
My car made 1336bhp at the flywheel, dyno sheet below is the hub figure. This was at 2.4 bar boost and 109 octane race fuel which wasn’t the best for making power but the result was pretty damm good all the same! Unless I’m mistaken I think this is now the record forĀ our T4 twin wastegate turbo kit.
Even more impressive is the power to weight ratio, I’ve got it at about 1068bhp per ton. A Veyron has 501 to give you some perspective! Spec of the car can be found here

Big thanks to Ryan G as always, top mapper, wouldn’t use anyone else. Its pretty mental to drive!


And a video from a run I did at Suprapod, sorry about the bad quality!


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