Garage Whifbitz titanium exhaust tips fitted to our GR Toyota Supra A90.

Another new product released for the new Supra!

Garage Whifbitz titanium exhaust tips for the GR Toyota Supra A90 to fit the standard factory Toyota exhaust.

Made from super lightweight titanium these exhaust tips will set your Supra apart from the others. Stock size is 4″, our titanium tips are 4.5″ diameter filling the rear apron hole that little bit better.

These are not direct fit items, the standard exhaust needs cutting down to fit the new titanium tips.

Very easy for any decent mechanic to do:

Remove standard tailpipes by tapping with a soft mallet from behind
Cut 4.1″ off the exhaust each side along with the locatin pin
Clamp the new titanium exhaust tips on
Job done!

Please see our website here to purchase.

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