Garage Whifbitz Type 2 3.5″ Stainless Steel Exhaust Toyota GR Supra A90

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Garage Whifbitz Type 2 3.5″ stainless steel exhaust for the Toyota GR Supra A90.

Made from high quality 304R stainless steel our full exhaust from the cat back removes the restrictive OPF and comes blue exhaust tips.

Dyno tests revealed a 15bhp gain in power and 40 lb/ft gain in torque compared to the OEM exhaust. There will be even more power to be gained on higher horsepower cars when the stock exhaust will become even more restrictive.

At the front of the exhaust its 3.5″ in diameter which then splits into 2x 3″ pipes going through 2x 3″ silencers. The front section of the exhaust is made using 3.5″ oval pipework to keep the ground clearance to a maximum without affecting flow, type 2 exhaust also removes the exhaust valve. The type 2 exhaust is significantly louder than our type 1 exhaust as the rear silencers are much smaller.

This will fit the 2 litre and 3 litre models and is available in titanium if you want it lightweight.

As the OPF is being removed you will either need an ecu remap or OPF delete harness, both available from us.

Please note the pictures of the exhaust fitted to the car are the titanium version.

Please contact us if you need any extra information on this product.

We offer this part exclusively for motorsport vehicles.
By purchasing, you confirm that you are not using this item for a vehicle that is used on public roads.

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