Gavin’s 460bhp 2022 Toyota GR Supra A90

Gavin brought his Supra to us earlier in the year to test fit our new Garage Whifbitz Type 2 Toyota GR Supra A90 titanium exhaust system which you can see on our website here.

The new Type 2 exhaust is being sold along side our existing Type 1 exhaust which we’ve selling for over 3 years. The new type 2 version is louder than the type 1 with a different rear silencer design and has no exhaust valve so its pretty loud, Gavin’s Supra also has one of our titanium catless downpipes fitted too.

The Supra is fitted with a JB4 to boost the power without having to map the ecu, these are great for anyone who doesn’t want to affect the warranty, this particular made 384whp which is about 460bhp.

It also has a full Artisan Spirits step 2 bodykit along with BC Forged MLE 20″ wheels.

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