GR Yaris 600+bhp GR71PPY build!

Aiming for around 600bhp this is going to be one quick GR Yaris when its finished with no expense spared at creating one of the fastest Yaris’ on the planet!

A quick run down of what we are doing:

7 speed sequential gearbox with ATS Carbonetic carbon twin plate clutch

Forged engine using starting with a brand new short motor

Whifbitz CNC ported cylinder head

Kelford valve springs and 267-B cams

Lamspeed turbo kit using a Garret G25-660 turbo

Syvecs stand alone ecu

Lamspeed fuel system with flex fuel

Wagner Tuning intercooler kit

The car already has a lot of mods done like Verkline tubular front and rear subframes with Verkline rose jointed arms, KW suspension, Advan GT wheels, Airtec engine oil cooler, etc.

Cant wait to see how quick this is going to be!

Updates coming very soon.

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