HKS Nissan R35 GTR Intercooler Kit

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HKS Nissan R35 GTR Intercooler Kit

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HKS Intercooler Kit for Nissan GT-R R35.

Large Capacity core with Carbon Air guide will greatly improve cooling performance.

The Carbon air guide Suits the front of the GTR Perfect, even though the core of the HKS Intercooler is larger than a stock intercooler it weighs less.

The HKS intercooler gives great performance and is very high quality.
Although the stock intercooler gives good performance for stock boost levels, HKS intercooler is able to run much higher boost levels for greater performance.

The HKS Unit weighs 8kg, Stock Weighs 9.6kg.

Due to the larger intercooler core it had to be specially designed so that the water temperature was not affected, This is done using a thinner core so that air flow speed will be increased to the radiator. This means that the water temperature was the same level as if it had the stock intercooler.
A must have addition for any tuned GTR.

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