HKS Intercooler Type R GR Yaris

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The stock also uses a pre-installed intercooler, but the size has been increased so that power can be demonstrated without loss when the output is increased or when driving in sports. The use of a new laminated core minimizes weight gain while reducing pressure drop and improving cooling performance.

  • Although it is a stock replacement type, the height direction and thickness have been increased to ensure stable cooling performance even for high-output engines.
  • The thickness of the core is higher than that of the stock product, but the optimization of the fin shape ensures the air flow through while ensuring cooling performance. The effect on the water temperature, which is a concern, is also suppressed.
  • The core size is 645x205x105 (stock is 645x145x80). Reliable and proven “Made in Japan”, new laminated type core is adopted.

* When using the genuine intercooler water spray together, a water spray bracket (13999-AT001 / 7,700 yen including tax) sold separately is required.

Even in the mid-high rpm range (at high output), HKS products exhibit excellent cooling performance, and are also advantageous in terms of output and torque.

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