HKS Oil Cooler Kit for GR Yaris

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By adopting a new turn-flow type core, cooling performance is improved despite a small core surface area. “Aluminum pipe” is used for oil piping. Hose interference with other parts in the small engine room has been prevented and handling efficiency has been improved.
We have developed an “oil cooler kit” that can handle step-up tuning such as boost-up and turbine replacement.

In the stock model, the oil temperature exceeds 130°C in about 5 minutes after the start of driving, but when used in combination with the HKS oil cooler, the oil temperature is stable at less than 120°C, and the oil temperature and water temperature are stable even if the vehicle runs continuously for about 4 times as long.

  • By adopting a new turn-flow type core, we were able to ensure cooling performance despite a small core surface area.
  • The use of a small surface area core minimizes the impact on the water temperature, which is a concern.
  • By using it in combination with a genuine water-cooled oil cooler, efficient and stable oil temperature management is achieved.
  • Newly developed machined aluminum attachment is adopted. We are also particular about quality.

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