HKS Premium Wide Body kit – GR Toyota Supra A90 now available!

HKS Premium Wide Body kit – Toyota Supra GR A90 2019+

The continued involvement of HKS in motorsports has provided the constant data and knowledge which are utilised in the development of new products. The wide-body kit for the new A90 Toyota Supra MK5 is created the first of the original aero kit by HKS. The aerodynamics feedback is from the experience gained through past HKS time attack machines, such as “CT230R”, “TRB-03” and “TRB-04.

  • This kit made from glass-fibre reinforced plastic. (Black gel coat finish on the surface)
  • The bodyline inherit the successive race cars.
  • Fenders and rear canards that take into account the effect of rectification to the rear of the vehicle will stabilise running.
  • Rear down force can be secured by installing GT wing. his product is designed to obtain an optimal downforce by performing CFD analysis to take into account aerodynamics.
  • HKS has been pursuing durability and downforce in the ultra-high-speed range by conducting tests on high-speed circuits.
  • Quality FRP material

Kit includes:

・Front Lip
・Front Fender R/L
・Side Sill R/L
・Rear Fender R/L
・Rear Duck-tail
・Rear Canard R/L
GT Wing is optional
Width: 2,070 mm, Height: 1,311 mm (with GT Wing), Length: 4,642 mm (with GT Wing stand)
  • The corner sensor (radar) will need to be relocated after extending the wiring.
  • Fender modification etc. should be done by a professional.。。
  • Includes original emblems (3 pcs)

Available to buy on our website here.

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