Hypertune RB26 Inlet Manifold For 100mm Throttle Body 12 Injectors

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Hypertune Inlet Manifold For 100mm Throttle Body 12 Injectors

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Hypertune single throttle body inlet manifold for the
RB26 for 102mm throttle body for use with 12 injectors.

This manifold is intended to be used where maximum horsepower is
the requirement. Most commonly found on Drag racing GTR s, where
power levels upwards of 1400hp are common. This product is a true
off the shelf item used on some of the fastest RB26 powered cars in
the world.

The Nissan
RB26DETT may be the most revered of all Japanese performance
engines, and is at least partly responsible for the legend status
of the Skyline GTR.

enthusiasts have embraced the GTR, and today whether it be R32, R33
or R34 can be found competing in many varied forms of

Hypertune have
developed a range of intake manifolds for the RB26, in order to
provide the best solution regardless of application and required
power output.

12 injector
fuel rail included, throttle body not included.


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