Hypertune EVO 1-3 Inlet Manifold

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Hypertune inlet manifold for EVO 1/2 & 3.

The Hypertune Intake Manifold and Throttle Body combination provides huge gains in mid to top end power without sacrificing low end torque. This combination of attributes leads to the products successful use in applications ranging from stock turbo, Time Attack cars to 1000+ hp drag cars.

We have to admit, that even we were surprised by the outstanding results of this product. Measurements and experience predicted the performance gains in the upper RPM range, but the outstanding results in the low RPM range were a nice surprise!! Also surprising is how well this product performs when using the stock turbo. We design our intake manifolds under the assumption that a larger aftermarket turbocharger will be fitted. The runner geometry is designed to take advantage of the increased airflow and (possibly even more importantly) reduction in exhaust pressure that results from a well designed after market turbo combination. Usually, it is expected there will be no gain and possibly even worse performance when used with a stock turbo, but not in the case of the EVO 9.

This product is supplied to accommodate the standard TPS sensor, and Idle speed control.

Product comes with fuel rail, throttle body not included.

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